c Rayburst

Persimmon Dusk

A knight-like resident of a mostly desolate, border world planet, which has been seeing increased tourism as of late. Grafto fights using a style of sword fighting called "Persimmon Burst", that involves quick, linear strikes and retreats. Up until now things have been mostly quiet, with the new visitors bringing about the start of a new age for the nameless planet, however, this has caught the attention of the strange race of volatile dragons that inhabit the darkest corners of the regions. With there daily no-gooder activities against the peaceful visitors, Grafto finds himself having to take up his sword in defense of the peaceful newcomers.

A high offense character with great speed but linear movements.

Offense 150 Uses "burst" power to increase the offensive power of his attacks many folds for an instant.
Defense 70 Below average by supernoid standards.
Mobility 160 Able to reach average bursts of 84 mph, with occasional peaks of up to 207 mph. The name of the technique is known as Full Throttle.


00 - Dusk Raider

The go-to attack of the Persimmon burst style.

01 - Linear Raid

A quick blade joust using psi-energy to glide upon energy propulsion. An attack trading power for swiftness.

02 - World Raid

Grafto spins with blade stretched out. Spins faster and with more power the greater his Power is increased.

03 - Little Vexing Raid

Grafto flies through the air while spinning like a drill. Increasing power creates a burst of energy that emanates from the spin.

04 - Grand Persimmon Vexing Path

Grafto sends energy to the entire blade, gathering power, then launching with a violent spin to increase the joust's power even further. The force of the spin takes away from the overall top speed of the technique. 

05 - Persimmon Dusk Path

Grafto sends energy to the blade, gathering power to increase the propulsion and power of an advanced version of Dusk Raid..

06 - Persimmon Vexing Raider

Grafto's ultimate attack, with superior power and speed to all other techniques, all the while requiring no charge up, but at the cost of tremendous fatigue.

Technique Power Data
Blade Slash 60 Becomes Burst Blade after P.I. is used.
Dusk Raider 160+ Size and Speed increase with greater P.I.
Linear Raid 50 Speed increases with greater P.I.
World Raid 133+ Power and Spin increaseable.
Little Vexing Raid 200 Becomes Burst type after P.I. is used.
Grand Persimmon Vexing Path 270+ Power and Speed increase greatly with P.I.
Persimmon Dusk Path 180+ Power and Speed increase with greater P.I.
Persimmon Vexing Raider 370+ Damage size shrinks the greater the power.