Mysterious Vagrant

On his journey hunting down no-gooders, he is brought to a border world that has still yet to establish any form of organization or unified law. He brings it upon himself to bring order to the planet when a sudden upsurge in no-gooder dragon activity forces him to take action.

Offense 110 Power to manifest shells of various different properties.
Defense 100 Average durability for a supernoid.
Mobility 80 50 mph top speed, low acceleration, average speed of 34 mph.


00 - Pot Shot: Volley Shell

Phreit Nor manifests a simple shells of low density with the advantage of being able to fire rapidly.

01 - Pot Shot: Barrage Shell

A shell of variable power that can be loaded and fired in groups simultaneously. Phreit Nor manifests this shell with ease.

02 - Hot Shot: BnB Shell

The bread and butter attack of the interplanetary gunslinger's association. Some varities are made of pure energy, and others are purely solid. Phreit Nor's variety, as with all his shells, are solid forms imbued with energy for more explosive power.

03 - Big Shot: Azure Shell

The epitome of performance and capacity. The Azure Shell is a shell type that many gunslingers resort to when things are dire. Wipes out enemy groups in second. Phreit Nor's favorite shell.

04 - Trick Shot: Hoax Shell

A shell that turns into bad imitation of it's user. Useful for fooling the dimwitted. Enrages Dragon's, compelling them to pursue it relentlessly until it is destroyed.

05 - Big Shot: Blast Shell

Has more power than the Azure Shell, but lacks speed as well as taking up a lot of storage space within the flintlock. Exceptional at clearing out large groups of bunched up targets as well as having tremendous, if instantaneous power.

06 - Final Shot: Quell Shell

Within the Gunslinger Association, it is considered a lesser shell among the Final Shot series, but no less destructive for it, lacking the speed of it's brethren. For Phreit Nor, it is the most powerful shell among his arsenal.

Technique Power Data
Gun Whirl 23 Deflects small time projectiles.
Volley Shell 8 500 ammo max.
Barrage Shell 4~200 250 ammo max. Fires 10 pellets per shot.
BnB Shell 48 75 ammo max.
Azure Shell 290 25 ammo max.
Hoax Shell N/A 5 ammo max.
Blast Shell 600 10 ammo max. Large damage radius.
Quell Shell 450+ 5 ammo max. Large damage radius, prolonged damage.