Royal Light

A princess from a galactic empire known as the Partealin Kingdom. Arrives on the planet with the intention to conquer, but is caught up in the fight against the ever growing Dragon threat all around the planet.

A mid to long ranged character with projectile attacks specialized at handling large groups of enemies. Possesses incredibly high defense due to dense psi-power.

Offense 50 Uses energy projectiles that hit multiple targets.
Defense 190 Far above the supernoid standard.
Mobility 60 Able to levitate at an average speed of 30 mph.


00 - Nivintis

Burst Energy Beam, Pif's standard attack.

01 - Nivintis Ner

Variable Burst Energy Beam. The greater PowerUp is, the greater the size and damage.

02 - Dirividis

Fused Energy Beam Array. Immense attack power, but low range.

03 - Piritorma

An extremely fast Energy Ray with decent power.

04 - Purulin

A spectrum Grand Ray. Like all other rays, is incredibly fast, but has the greatest damage area, flooding the air with energy in a great stream of power, in proportion to how long it was charged.

05 - Torveda Nir

Spiral Energy Beam. The strongest of Pif's beam class attacks. It's power has been maximized by using Psi to further increase the it's inertia via a turbulent spiral.

06 - Torveda Vitiri

Grand Ray Vortex. Pif's ultimate attack, capable of reaching the attack power of a beam class projectile, with the immense speed of a ray class, is able to devastate or utterly defeat entire groups of enemies.

Technique Power Data
Niv 33 Increases to three shots when P.I. is used.
Nivintis 130 No special attributes.
Nivintis Ner 110+ Slow but devastating at max power.
Dirividis 110 Unleashes 5 energy beams on impact.
Piritorma 105+ Reaches full power after at max size.
Purulin 103+ Holding it increases size of ray.
Torveda Nir 230+ Holding it decreases energy drain greatly.
Torveda Vitiri 100+~ Power increases over time.