Pink Enthusiast

Former member of the five winged blades. Hired by Phreit Nor to assist him on his mission to a primitive border world.

Offense 200 Uses a style of galactic fencing known as "Prim Ressort".
Defense 30 Far below average among supernoids, far more durable than the average organism.
Mobility 100 48 mph top speed, extremely high acceleration and aerial agility.


00 - Floraison Partielle

A rapid set of jabs made of light blades..

01 - Fata Morgana

Due to Ritrika's immense psi potential, she is able to combine it with her power type to create an optical illusion of herself, while turning herself invisible in the process. This version of her technique drains her energy, rather than gathered, external power that the default version uses.

02 - Floreal

Ritrika slashes her energy blade hundreds of times at immense speeds around herself..

03 - Grande Floraison

Ritrika attacks at the same spot at high speeds until the combined energy of hundreds of blades forms a single, powerful energy blade.

04 - Apres-midi Floraison

Ritrika jabs in all directions, creating a storm of energy blades.

05 - Minuit Floreal

Ritrika rushes at her opponent at top speed, unleashing a single, fast, and powerful set of well placed blade slashes, dealing devastating damage in an instant.

06 - Pleine Floreal

Prim Ressort's ultimate attack: Ritrika strikes at maximum power and speed, creating a turbulent storm of slashes with such great attack speed, that it can make quick work of even the sturdiest of enemies, as well as deflecting anything but the strongest of attacks.

Technique Power Data
Petite Floraison 33 Prim Ressort's basic attack.
Floraison Partielle 60/50/33 High damage but low defense qualities.
Fata Morgana N/A Enemies will attack an illusion relentlessly.
Floreal 90 Near absolute protection in all directions.
Grande Floraison 200 High damage rate.
Apres-midi Floreal 60/50/33 All directional attack.
Minuit Floreal 250+ High instantaneous damage. Vulnerable on approach.
Pleine Floreal 100-??? Ritrika's ultimate technique.